About Us

Our mission is to provide the finest quality maple products while enjoying our hobby with family and friends.

Old fashion sapping

How It Started

In the 1940s, as a young man, John Chambers, Jr. gathered sap in Chambers Valley. He worked with horse-drawn sleighs and metal pails.

Kevin Keyes


Kevin Keyes began sugaring using metal pails and a homemade evaporator that provided just enough syrup for himself and his family.

Bob Chambers And Kevin Keyes


Kevin convinced his brother-in-law, Bob Chambers (John’s son) to begin sugaring. They have been working together ever since in what started as a hobby but is now a growing business that provides maple products to individuals, local retailers, and country clubs.

Horse and Wagon Drawing Sap

Things Change

The equipment has changed, from horses to tractors and from metal pails to tubing enhanced with a vacuum system, but our passion has stayed the same. Although innovation has taken place, the dedication has remained untouched.

Dry Brook Sugar House


Today, our business has bloomed into something wonderful that brings our family together. Bob and Kevin’s children, cousins, and friends all come together to make the magic happen.

Sap House

Come Visit!

Stop in during the sugaring season to see how the “sap is running” and meet our crew! You will be welcomed by smiling faces and the sweet aroma of maple syrup as it is bottled.

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